Estimated Weekly training

I have put a goal date in for about 8 weeks away and moderate-2 gives me an estimated power of exactly where I want my TP to be at.
However the weekly training load is 1.3 hours.
I forecast that I can put in 6 hours a week. The planner cannot go on history as I have 3 months basically off the bike.
I am asking the goal setter to base estimates off improvement rate.
Can someone please explain why it shows a weekly load of 1.3 hours. I know I will not even maintain current threshold with only that amount of training never mind improve it as iI wish to do.

Hi John,

The estimated weekly training load is based off your recent history. If you have been off the bike for a while, it will take a week or two to provide more robust estimate of estimated weekly training needed. I would ride as time permits for the time being, until you add more recent data that can help improve the recommendations of the ATA. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the prompt response Scott. It does help.