Estimated Training Needed Question

Firstly please accept my apologies for all the questions that I’ve been posting. I’m new to Xert and still learning.

My Estimated Training Needed for today is 0.5hrs. Yet the 4 workouts being suggested for me for today are…

1hr 40min
1hr 41min
1hr 59min
1hr 29min

Why are these so long when it’s calling for a 0.5 hour workout. My last 5 Mondays have been a day completely off the bike.

This is - in part - answered when you click ‘Show Advice’. It’s related to recent activities you did the past Mondays, and will provide you with a surplus you need to stick to your plan/schedule.

After you have completed the activity, you will have a surplus, but it will be gone before the day passes…

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And if you stick to that routine, that’s fine. The planner will adapt and have you do more tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Many thanks

Combination of how fresh you are + your usual training. If you don’t have 2 hours to train, then use the filter option and filter for workouts that are shorter in duration.

At the end of the day, remember that Xert is giving you recommendations… you’re always free to modify or choose a different workout based on perceived fatigue or time restrictions. Hope that helps!

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Many thanks Scott.

p.s. See you on the zwift ride on Wednesday.

Awesome! See you then :+1:

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