Estimate XSS from Heart Rate?

I will be doing a velodrome session this week so will not have any power data, pace, mileage or similar. It is forbidden to wear watches or have any devices on the bike. I have an HRM which can log data (A Tickr X) so I can get a heart rate trace for the activity. Is there any advice on estimating XSS from this data please?

We dont do anything with HR data for our analyses. However, one of Xert’s keen users has developed a data field called HR2power that may provide rough approximates of XSS and focus for an activity without power. You can search for it on the ConnectIQ store. Cheers

Dave Brillhart’s Heart rate to Power data field maybe if you download the data onto the Garmin connect app after the event then upload to Xert perhaps?

I did make a excel-sheet to calculate this, using the folowing input:

  1. HR-treshold (+/- 85% of max HR) = XSS 100
  2. HR-min slow pace +/-65% of max HR = XSS 40

Added a printscreen of the excel-sheet as attachment
The maximum deviation will be around 20%, mostly it’s within 10% of the real XSS, compare this by using data of my powerfile

Someone after my heart. :slight_smile:

An 4iiii Viiiiva heartrate strap can also record your power, speed, cadence, besides your heartrate. So you don’t have to make an estimate.

Thanks for all your useful responses.