Establishing a Workout Program

Let me first say that the analytics are phenomenal! I manage a BI team and can only imagine how much time and effort has been poured into Xert. My accolades go out to the team!

With that said, I’m also a subscriber to TrainerRoad. They a very good workout program philosophy. IMHO, you should combine efforts and corner the market on training & analytics!

I’ve used Xert when it was first announced in beta form but did not subscribe. Now, as a client for the past month, I have a few questions:

  1. What is the strategy in moving from 2 stars (trained) to 3 stars (competitive) in “Training Status & Form”? What type of training, workouts should I be concentrating on in order to set 3-stars as my goal? How do I reach “competitive”?

  2. I tried a few workouts and like them. Do you have plans to develop training plans using your workouts, similar to how TrainerRoad has workout plans for differing cycling goals (base, build, specialty phases across different cycling disciplines/types)? Actually, I could imagine you putting together a Smart plan around the smart workouts to help people properly train for a target event. However, I’d be happy with basic static plans, as well. Even Zwift has training plans so I know you have to be considering it.

  3. With regards to the workouts, I noticed a difference in the workout rating between the Android app and a PC browser. For instance, I think “Nothing Else Matters” was 3-star on the website and 2.5 star on the app. I just wanted to point this out in case it’s a bug.

Thank you. Great product and I look forward to the responses.

David Z.

  1. Hold this thought.
  2. We’ll be getting in training plans, but more importantly adaptive plans as well.
  3. Thanks. We’ll have a look.

do you have an ETA on #2?

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Can’t really commit to a timeframe as there is a lot to do. However, there are some ideas we may implement in the coming months that should be pretty good alternative to a full-blown optimization method.

Hi Armando – adaptive plans would be a fantastic addition – speaking as a self coached “athlete”

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