Esportare allenamento su garmin e zwift

ciao a tutti, perdonatemi ma non riesco a trovare info su come trasferire gli allenamenti pianificati su Garmin Connect e Zwift, ho solo visto che posso esportare file in vari formati ZWO/TCX ed ERG.
Mi sono appena iscritto e ho pure cercato nel Forum ma non ho trovato info, grazie.

Hi Pietro,

Are you asking about how to do an Xert workout on Zwift or with your Garmin?
Or how to import planned workouts from Zwift/Garmin into Xert? (This option isn’t possible).

Hope this helps! Cheers,

Hi, thx for answer, I solved about xert to zwift, perfect.
Problem is share workout from xert to Garmin, cannot about too many works inside a single workout…then must use software in connect iq but so small to read, are dangerous in monitor like 830.
Hope developers studying a new solution about, outdoor are dangerous control, need maybe 2 pages monitor, not only 1.

Best regards.

To get the activity from Xert to Garmin, you’ll need to do so manually. You can do this by opening the activity details page in Xert and clicking the ‘Download’ button in the top right corner to save the file to your computer. You can then upload that file to Garmin.

I would recommend using the Garmin Workout Player along with our Remote Player (or session player) on a larger screen nearby, which will make it easier to see your data during the workout.