Error synced activities from Garmin Connect

I signed up for Xert years ago and never used it, but yesterday I decided to give it another go. So I set it up to sync with Garmin Connect (and disconnected Strava), but I keep getting errors:

So I can’t really use it right now, also I have years of rides on Garmin Connect but the oldest activity showing up in Xert is from Jan 17th of this year. Hitting the ‘sync’ activities in the top right corner doesn’t do anything.

I’ve already sent an email to support, but I thought maybe someone in the forum my also have some suggestions how to fix this.

Ok, nevermind, just disconnected Garmin and reconnected Strava which apperantly works much better.

If you run into the problem again select Activities in XO then Table and take a look at the signature value columns. If you see something out of whack you can flag that activity (flag icon) and it won’t figure into any signature calculations.

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I think the site was having some technical difficulties when I tried to sync from Garmin Connect, because things were looking pretty strange. But syncing from Strava is also ok. Actually, I just read that auto syncing Zwift activities from Garmin to Xert doesn’t work, so it’s probably even better to sync from Strava.

So I just did a “account reset” and started from scratch, thing are looking much better now :+1: :grinning:

Pretty excited to get started.

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