Erratic Speed Sensor in Garmin App

I have been using Xert and the Xert Workout Player Garmin App for a couple of years, but lately have been having problems with erratic speed, during workouts using the Xert Garmin App. Speed ranges from 0 to +200kph and changes rapidly.
I am using the speed/cadence sensor on my Elite Suito with my Garmin Edge 1030+. The sensor seems to be OK, as it behaves as it should, with constant, steady, expected speed using the Garmin head unit.
It only seems to be an issue with the Xert Garmin App. I have set the wheel diameter correctly, even though if it were not set, the speed should not be as erratic. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times without change.
Hopefully there is a simple fix if anyone knows of one.

I found a sort of solution. I deleted the speed/cadence sensor from my Garmin and used speed from power. This, however creates a new problem, there is no distance or top speed when it is uploaded.
So either way I have to edit the activity in Garmin for it to be accurate.
Fixing one of these issues would be great.
Link to activity with speed issue

Ertratic speed issue.

Cadence doesn’t look right either.
What happens with cadence when you use EBC instead which defaults to Speed by Power?