ERG mode through Bluetooth ?

I have a Tacx Bushido and I installed the Xert App on my Android phone.
My Bushido is correctly recognize by Xert, the connection being done through BT. All seems to work fine but I can’t figure how to have Xert control the resistance of my trainer.
I test the “SMART - I Won’t Back Down” workout but the resistance stay always the same.

So my questions:
1/ In a smart workout, do Xert control the resistance or not ?
2/ How to properly configure the resistance control ? Is my Bushido compatible ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi Florian. Our Android app works best when you use ANT+ FE-C trainers. BT trainers each have unique protocols so support can be more challenging. Check out blog on how to set it up.

Thank you for your reply Armando, I’ll consider buying an ANT+ key as it seems easier to pair.