ERG Mode support?

Hi have the same issue with ERG Mode. I have been using TR for the last few years and trying xert before renewing my membership. I am using the mobile App on Android Mobile App, A Kicker 2, no bike Power meter. ERG is not operational and even in Manual mode, I am not getting consistent power readings on the mobile remote App or Garmin .

Hi there,

We have many users that are flawlessly using a Kickr 2 in ERG mode with the android app. It’s possible that there is an issue with your current setup. Let’s get this fixed…Have you enabled ‘Trainer Control’ for your Kickr? Or is your Kickr paired to any other app in the background?

Hi, Yes Trainer control is enabled and I spiral of death is working when I slow down but not adjusting when speeding up to get to and meet target power. There is no other App running in the background. I have completely disabled BLE on mobile so only Ant + sensors active (HR+Fitness Equipment, + bike Cadence and had to activate bike power sensor for the kickr. I followed the guideline in “Setting up your Smart Trainer with Xert Mobile (Android)”. Still not working; second day now and this should be straight forward…

Hi, The Connect IQ App is working perfectly controlling the kickr. I also got the mobile App somewhat working now but the trainer power reading on Garmin and the App are not matching… Will check the settings again.

The apps should be reporting similar values (within a few ways of one another), since the source of the data is the same. What you can also try doing before opening the android app is to ensure other apps are closed and perform a force close on the Xert app before opening it. Cheers