Erg File exports not correct for Trainer workouts

Hi Armando,
I’m having a problem with erg files not being correct e.g. Truncated or missing intervals. When I started with Xert I used to export erg files then import them to PerfPro and run my Trainer workouts from there. This worked fine. When I got an Edge 520 I decided to switch to using the Edge in conjunction with the Remote Player to run workouts and take advantage of the smart workout functionality. This was great apart from the problem I still have where I only get a tpow field and not a power field (still trying to find a workaround to that one).

I decided that, for workouts that don’t rely much on the smart functionality, I would go back to using PerfPro. However I’ve now found that although the table view for a workout looks fine when I export the erg file and then import it into PerfPro the workout is either short or missing some intervals. I’ve opened the exported erg file using wordpad and the file doesn’t look correct to me so it does seem to be an Xert issue rather than a problem with PerfPro.

I can email you a couple of example erg files if you are unable to reproduce the problem.

Thanks in advance & keep up the great work.

Thanks Don. Please send an email with details. Let’s us know which workouts aren’t being exported properly and more about the tpow issue you mentioned.