Erg & Auto Modes on IOs App

Has something changed on the Ios App. I tried using Erg but it was stuck at 10W and wasn’t working. After much messing around (Switching Ipad on& off, Rebooting it, Renstalling App, Trainer Road Erg mode etc) I discovered that Erg mode is now Auto mode. If that is so it would have been nice to know - would have saved me a lot of time.

I used erg/slope and auto today from my Ipad.
AFAIK they were 3 different options which is the same as it always has been.

On mine there is now Erg, Auto, Resistance & Slope. As I said Erg doesn’t now work and Auto works like Erg. Strange

Rather timely post… hot and fresh off the press:


So, ERG mode actually is only useful when doing a free ride. Other than that, I don’t see a use for it.

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As far as I am aware the whole turbo trainer industry calls the mode that matches the workout intensity Erg. So Xert decides to change its description from Erg to Auto. Have I got that correct?

We’ve added Slope intervals to workout definitions. They arent ERG. We had to call the mode something different.

Take a look at the Workout Designer. You can have purely ERG workouts (the norm with other platforms) or mixed mode workouts that Xert now supports.
Auto means the player will switch trainer control modes automatically depending how the interval is defined.


Thanks I’ll have a look at that - it certainly makes sense of calling it Auto. I never used the Xert apps on my Android or my old Ipad because I could never get them to work consistantly and wasted a load of time trying to figure whether it was me or the Apps. I came to the conclusion it was the Apps. HOWEVER the latest IOs App on my old 5/6 year old Ipad is superb. Connects quickly, no drop outs, transition to interval in Erg (sorry, Auto) mode are smooth and manageable without hitting a wall of resistance. I particularly like Resistance mode where you can adjust for optimal cadence at a required power by juggling gearing and Resistance %.

The newer updates to the Android app (v 3.4.7 now) has gone a long way in addressing stability issues over older versions of the app. I perform about 50% of my indoor session with Android (Pixel 2) and 50% with iOS (an old iPhone 5).

I’ve almost switched completely to doing most of my hard(er) workouts in SLOPE mode (~2% slope). Makes me focus a little more on completing the workout and much easier to smash for a BT or back off, depending on how the legs are feeling.

Hi Scott,

For your info:

I tried todo a workout yesterday with the Android app (v3.4.7).
It was the first time for me with this version since it was upgraded on my mobile phones on 11th June.
On both of my phones (Samsung S7 and S10) the app gave issues with switching the trainer to a different power setting. At the start of the workout it was OK for a while but after a few blocks when the power switch box popped-up the power didn’t switch and remained the same from that moment on for the whole workout. Also for the power switches after that initial failure the power didn’t switch anymore troughout the whole workout. Same behaviour on both phones.
So I tried a few times to restart the workout to see if it was an incident but it happened at every occassion after a while (no exact pattern after such and so many power switches, but it happened unavoidable every time at a certain point in time).

So for now I switched back to the stable (non-Beta) version. Did not try it yet if this fixed the issue.

Gr Johan B

So what is the difference between slope and resistance. Is it that slope is a fixed resistance where as Resistance follows the power curve of the trainer ie in Resistance if you pedal harder in the same year the resistance increases?

Hi Johan,

Please send any relevant details to the support email so we can track these sorts of issues. Was it with a specific workout, or any workout? What OS are you running on your S7/S10? This will be helpful for us. What happens if you force close the app and then re-open & continue the workout?


I guess the best explanation is that SLOPE is universal… 2% slope is 2% slope on any/all trainers

RESISTANCE is going to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (and trainer model to model). IOW, 25% resistance on a Kickr may or may not be the same resistance as 25% resistance on a Neo. I think of resistance mode as turning your smart trainer back into a dumb fluid/magnetic trainer that offers various settings of resistance. Hope that makes sense.

IMHO, slope (~2%) is the best/most useful if you wish to control your power manually with gearing/cadence.

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