Entering events into the calendar

Is there an easy way to add events into the calendar? Basically I just want to enter all of the races for the upcoming road season.

Hi Rohan,

If you find an old race that represents what you’ll typically be doing, you can favorite them and then drag/drop them into the calendar from the ‘Activities’ tab on the left-hand side.

That was a bit messy but it worked.

Thought I’d bump this thread ,rather than start a new one. Are there any plans to enable people to add notes or multiple events to the calender? I do this all the time in another app and find it really useful, for example physio appointments, I generally book these a month in advance so having them on my training calender reminds me not to plan any training that day. Secondly I ride a lot of Audax, so having them listed on my calender with the details of length . amount of climbing for AAA points etc is really useful.

I don’t want to add them as an activity with XSS, just put something on there that I can see the details of,at the moment I’m constantly having to switch between apps to see what I’ve got coming up and then come back into Xert to use the Fitness Planner to work out how to plan my riding for the next week. Would be much easier (and would mean I would only need one app with one cost, which is what I would very much like) if I could use Xert solely for this purpose. I’ve put a screengrab of what it looks like in TP so you can visualise what I’m trying to say.


Perhaps an option under Type called Non-activity.
When selected Title and Description would be editable, but other boxes would be grayed out.

In the meantime the workaround is –

  1. Add an activity to the Planner.
  2. Title it whatever you want (ex. Appointment, Day Off, Event, etc.).
  3. Select Type: Other, Duration: 1 minute, XSS: 1.
  4. Save it and drag to yesterday so it shows up under Activities.
  5. Mark as a Favorite. :star:
  6. Go to Planner, select Activities, and drag and drop entries where needed.
    You can also edit them to reflect actual time and description.

Yes, I’m aware you can do that, but it isn’t as clear as other options out there. For example, I’m currently taking medication, but I’m suffering quite bad side effects which has impacted my training, it would be good to be able to put a note on the calender when it started and when it finishes, that way when I look back I can see at a glance why I’ve not done much recently. It also is good for when I speak to my physio or doctor as I can refer back to the notes with dates etc. Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m paying out far too much for various apps that for the most part replicate each other quite a bit, I’d really like to trim down/simplify what I use and I really like Xert as it works quite well with how my life/cycling works, for example I don’t work Mon-Fri with weekends off, which off the shelf plans always assume everybody works those hours!

That said, I really do use the calendar function a lot in TP so just thought I’d ask before I make my decision on what I’m going to use for next year, there seems to have been an awful lot of development for things like Strava segments, group sessions and the latest flyby thing, but I use none of those and can’t ever see myself doing so, all I want is an improved calendar!

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I too would love to be able to add notes for things that aren’t workout-type activities. Work trips, sickness (COVID!), goals / reminders etc.


Or maybe integration with third party calendar solutions such Microsoft Exchange (Office 365) or Google Calendar.

I find Strava segments a useful way to gauge year to year fitness even though I don’t compete or consider myself a segment hunter. The new functionality makes this even more enticing.
Once you start playing around with it you can see what you’re good at (or bad at) then use starred segments to measure improvements over time. Essentially, you’ve added an element of mini challenges to your favorite routes. Selected segments can also serve as targeted interval efforts with specific focus durations or a BT effort in mind.

Unless you can use the Strava segments with a free account it won’t work for me. I’m not paying for Strava Premium, it doesn’t offer anything meaningful for me. I don’t use their route planner and I deleted my original account and restarted a new one with only a few close friends on it, I only make my rides viewable to followers only, simply no interest in making things visible to every man and his dog.

I used to race, I believe that is a truer reflection of how good you are as the conditions are the same for all those that put themselves on the start line on that particular day. Strava is full of drafters and wind warriors, absolutely meaningless. To prove the point, I rode a 25mile TT course twice in one season, my times were 57 mins and 64 minutes, on Strava everyone would be giving out the kudos and arm flex emojis for the 57 mins race, yet when I looked at the power data, I actually put out 20 watts more for the 64mins ride so that was the stronger ride, the times were influenced by the wind.


Im with you there buddy.

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Apparently I haven’t used Strava long enough to become jaded. :smiley:
Until recently I only subscribed to Xert with a free Strava account.
No followers. No kudos. Account is marked private. Still is.
My point is base functions in free Strava are complementary to your training for comparison purposes and monthly performance reports. Premium is required to gain access to the new analysis functions, but you don’t need that to benefit from Strava.

Since advanced segment analysis was added to Xert I have been testing Strava Premium and enjoying what they do together. Now I analyze specific segments and compare my performance to others in my age group. While I really only compete against myself, I’m finding leaderboards of interest. I’m not concerned if others manage to game the system. You don’t need to make an activity public to see where you fall, but I’ve made some activities visible to see myself listed.

I’ve also used Strava to locate old ride buddies, plus I rely on Beacon for shared tracking which also works with a free account. RWGPS Live Logging was a bust; too many fails mid-ride without seamless recovery. Other tracking apps like SPOKZ and Garmin’s were also unreliable. Garmin is supposedly better now but I’ll never go back to Garmin. I just wish the Strava app would allow you to set the frequency of Beacon updates if that would help conserve battery life.

I never used Segment Hunter when I had a Garmin 1030, but now that I know what it does I’d be very interested in segment hunter for EBC. Even better would an option to sync selected segments from the Advanced Stats view. Example, _ Sync to EBC checkbox.