Endless Authorization Loop

Hi On an Android 6p running 7.1.1 and I just downloaded Xert and installed it on my Garmin 520. I created an account on Xert. I receive a message on my Android phone to Authenticate. I login, click on Authenticate and it states I am to go back to my Garmin. I do and it states “Authenticating… Obtaining Signature”… and again I am prompted on my phone to authorize… I do… and it repeats. I am never able to actually authenticate.

Did you see an Authorize button after logging in?

Yes I do. I click on it, and I get the notification on my Android device again… I just loops.

Please go to the app settings and check logout box. Let us know if this makes any difference.

That did it. Thanks.

same problem here - tried selecting logout in GCM settings but no difference - just in “sign in” loop

Be sure you have properly loaded activity files with power data in them and that the system has established a valid fitness signature. Check the My Fitness / Advanced tab to ensure you have a signature.

that’s the bit I missed - will try it now :slight_smile:

all working - thanks

I am trying to get my wife up and running with a Garmin 1000. She has no previous files to establish a signature. I am stuck in the authorization loop and need help.

Check that she has a proper fitness signature defined on the system. Use My Fitness / Advanced tab to review it and update/save a value if it is empty. Did you skip the upload process during the account setup by chance? I believe if you do this and then your first activity doesn’t have power data, a signature doesn’t get properly set. Please confirm if this is what occurred. Thanks.

She didn’t have any data to upload. I plugged some guesstimates into a signature and it worked.