Ending Connect IQ Workout

Is there any way to finish a workout and return to normal activity pages without ending the current activity? I can only seem to get back to my standard pages if I save the workout, which ends the current activity.

I’ll rephrase this in case it’s not clear what I am on about: If you are doing a workout on a Garmin using the Connect IQ app, you seem to be stuck within the Xert Workout Player app (i.e. can’t get to back to your normal Garmin activity pages) unless you press “Save workout” (or discard), which ends the Garmin activity even though you may not be finished your ride. I would have hoped that “End Workout” would enable you to escape from the Xert app back to my standard Garmin activity pages, but that does not seem to be the case. Would it possible to change this behaviour, because I will often do a workout as part of a longer outdoor ride, and I’d like to get back to the displaying the standard Garmin activity pages without ending my activity and starting another, which results in uploading 2 rides rather than one?

Unfortunately, the Connect IQ app framework does not support this capability.

OK, thanks Armando. I can see from Garmin Connect site that lots of data from your IQ app is uploaded in the fit file, so it now makes sense to me that the app and activity need to remain synchronized, i.e. the activity needs to be ended when the IQ app exits so that the uploaded data is complete. It was only a minor issue, but generally, my experience using your app on outdoor rides has been fantastic. In fact, the whole Xert ecosystem: Android app, Connect IQ app, XATA, website, forum, FB group, documents and videos are really impressive and have been working well for me. I am a novice with regards to training with power, and I wouldn’t have even have bought a power meter if I hadn’t discovered Xert by chance when I was curious about the URL in a companion’s Strava ride description. Perhaps you should consider incentivizing Xerters to use the automatic Strava description update to help publicise the Xert service among their Strava followers? It certainly had an effect on me because simply seeing that URL led me to enrol in a Xert trial, buy a power meter (Vector 3), Ed ge 820 (so I could use IQ apps), an Android tablet (for trainer control using Xert workouts) and now, a month later, I’m a fully fledged Xert subscriber and advocate.

Thanks so much for that Stephen. Yes, Strava is a good place for people to become aware of Xert. Getting to know Xert is a bit of a journey, both in understanding the software but ultimately how it helps you understand your own abilities as an athlete. Once the idea that there is all this new information available, people start to respond and use all the various tools and methods. We hope to make that experience available to more and more people, both by getting the word out and also by helping more people through the journey with improved software and help resources. Still a lot more to be done but glad many are getting value from the software as it stands today.

I just used the garmin app for the first time - I did a workout while on a ride, then continued on until I finished the ride. Then told it to save the workout. However, it did not save the GPS data.
I’m wondering if this is because I was on a workout - when the workout finished should I have to it to end the workout and then would it have kept recording? And then if I saved it would it have stored the GPS data?

There’s an option to record GPS that you need to set. Once that’s done you just continue riding when the workout has finished and press save at the end of the ride. You can’t escape out of the app to your normal data screens until you end the ride by saving it.

Also, I’m using an Edge 820, but I’ve read that there is/was a bug with the 1030 that would cause the ride to be recorded without GPS. I’m not sure if this is still the case.

While I didn’t know about this GPS option during that ride, I checked after the ride and the option was set to ON - so I was wondering if that was the default (which seems logical!). Also, the ride info has elevation and distance so it had to have been using the GPS. So maybe there is a bug? I’ll do a test ride soon after explicitly turning on GPS to see…

Do you have a 1030?

Yep a 1030.

Hi Stephen. The “End Workout” option when you click start/stop should allow you to keep recording your activity. “End Activity” will stop the recording altogether.

Tex, I think you’re encountering the 1030 bug then. Armando, yes, I understand that. I was only pointing out to Tex that you can’t escape out of the Workout app and back to the your main Garmin activity pages without ending the ride/activity by saving or discarding it so you are stuck within the app unless you split your ride into multiple activities. It’s not a major problem. Incidentally, on the page that is displayed when a workout is complete, is there room for any more data fields? I would like to see time of day and perhaps average speed if that were an option.

I haven’t had a chance to test this again after explicitly choosing GPS on, hopefully in the next day or two.

OK, just tested the player on my edge 1030, verified that GPS was on in the garmin IQ app. Ended the workout and saved it - no GPS data. Did a second one and ended the workout kept riding, then saved it; no GPS data. I guess I need to track down info on that bug Stephen Dag mentioned.

Have a look at the Garmin forums for the 1030 as there’s a brand new public beta firmware which may contain a fix for this.

As a veteran Garmin user, I’ll wait at least a week or two before trying out a firmware update! lol

OK, I went ahead and tested with the beta firmware and no change in behaviour. From past issues with other Connect IQ stuff, issue can be either on the developer side or the garmin side - I haven’t found anything official pointing at either (or both) as the cause of this problem.

Apparently, it’s been a difficult issue but got word that they’ve managed to locate the problem with the GPS data. Now waiting for word on timing for the firmware fix. Will keep you posted.

thanks for the update!