Elevation data in Strava is "wrong" if the activity is sync from Xert to Strava

When Strava activity is synced from Fit File > Garmin Connect > Xertonline.com > Strava, the elevation data is different from Garmin Connect.

See below.

  1. Strava record synced from Garmin Connect to Xert to Strava (990m).png

  2. Xert record synced from Garmin Connect to Xert (830m).png

  3. Garmin Connect record uploaded directly from fit file (778m).png

  4. Strava record uploaded directly from fit file (778m).png

I can provide fit file. Xert activity link is here https://www.xertonline.com/activities/cy8qz3hkudxdcos5 .

Common problem. The same file loaded independently into any service, also RideWithGPS for example, gives different elevation. Strava is notoriously bad, but it has a recalculate function.

Looks like the problem is at the sync from Xertonline.com to Strava.

Today I synced an activity from Garmin to Strava to Xertonline.com, the elevation finally aligns between all three platforms.

Could be, but when I sync from Garmin to Strava, I get significant differences, but Strava has the ‘correct elevation’ option, which then usually alligns it more closely. Xert always is close to what Garmin records, whether I sync directly from Garmin to Xert or from Strava to Xert (where Strava gets the file from Garmin, as I have an Edge)…

Just for fun, I have uploaded an old ride - Garmin export original, date altered with fitfiletools.com - to Garmin again and had that sync directly to Xert and from Xert to Strava. For the original ride, Strava had 400 meters of elevation more, but was close to Garmin after correction, Xert (via Strava) had the same elevation as Garmin. Now, for the new upload, all three have the same elevation…

The system doesn’t do elevation correction at this time. It simply takes the elevation data recorded on the device.