Edit XSS for activities with no power or heart rate?

I do quite a bit of mountain biking and I don’t always have my heart rate monitor on. Is it possible for me to enter my own estimate of XSS for these activities so my training pacer is somewhat representative of my actual fatigue? The activities are auto-syncing from Strava and I can’t find an edit option for the activity in Xert. I’d prefer not to have to add a manual activity every time this happens.

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Found the answer myself. Apparently you can edit the XSS via the Fitness Planner.


Where I ride (lots of short, sharp climbs), using heart rate to estimate XSS massively underestimates the effort of mountain biking, and won’t get the focus right. I always override the focus and XSS that Xert derives from heart rate data for mountain bike rides and use RPE x time to estimate XSS and knowledge of the terrain to estimate the focus required.

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