Edit power output for TTE and TTR on Karoo EBC

How can I edit the power values on the TTE and TTR data fields. They are currently too high and too low respectively. THX

When you tap on the fields can’t you set the target or does EBC work differently on a Karoo?

When I tap on the field it opens up the meno where I can choose what metric to show (i.e power, TSS, etc) It doesn’t give me an option to change the setting. It’s the same on the EBC on my Android Phone, so it’s not a Karoo issue

You change it when recording the activity.
You will need to start an activity then tap the field.

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Yes, that did it. I did it on my phone, super easy. Then I turned on the Karoo just to see if the info had synced and it hadn’t. Strange. But I followed your instructions again and like a charm. Thank
you for taking the time to help me out.

It’s designed so that you can edit/adjust the values at any point in the ride :slight_smile:

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