Edit a activity

How do I edit a activity ? In the Fitness Planner I can update the XXS but I can only delte or open the activity.


If there’s power data in the activity, you’re not allowed to edit that data (it’s calculated using your signature and power data).

Is there an issue with the data in the file itself? Check out fitfiletools.com, as they have a wide range as useful tools for editing/correcting fit files.

Or if you have other questions, reach out to the support team and someone would be happy to help you there!

Hi Mano,
Thanks for the quick response.
My powerdata wasen´t correct so the my strain score isen´t correct for the activity. Is it possible to change that in fitfiletools.com and then upload the file to Xert or ?


You can use the Power Adjuster option which allows you change the power recorded by a +/- %.
To do this you would download the FIT file for the activity, delete the activity in Xert, edit the file with FitFileTools, then import the result back into Xert.

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Thank you very much !