Edge workout player hangs

Hi - new user here. Just tried my first workout using the player on my new Edge530, but it locked up about 5 mins in. The recording kept running in the background and uploaded when I quit, but the workout app UI was frozen, so I couldn’t follow the structured workout. I don’t have any other apps installed other than the default (trailforks). Is this common? Any suggestions from other Edge530 users?

We have seen users getting conflicts with datafields that are running in the background while the Xert Workout Player is running (they run every 5 minutes). You may want to remove them and see if that sorts things out.

That sounds plausible, since it locked up after about 5 mins on my attempt today as well.
What do you mean when you say “datafields”? Do you mean CIQ datafields like one would add to the cycling activity?
Which activity’s datafields would the workout player be running? Can I create and then select a specific activity to use with the workout player which contained no CIQ datafields?

I did some more searching on my own, turns out that apparently there’s a known compatibility issue with the popular “MyEdge2” datafield, it uses background services which seem to cause the Xert workout player to hang.
I uninstalled that datafield and had my first successful workout with the player today.
However, that sucks as a solution, since that’s a popular datafield for a reason - it’s very handy!
Any chance you can fix the player to stop it hanging when the MyEdge2 datafield is installed?

MyEdge2 should work like our datafields where the Background Service only runs when an activity recording has started (i.e. it doesn’t try to run when a separate ConnectIQ app is running). Otherwise, the issue is in the Connect IQ system. We’ve reported this to Garmin and they are aware of the issue. Hope they can resolve it in an upcoming firmware release.

I’ve got the same issue with my Garmin 530. Most of the time I can reconnect the devices within the app and that starts the display going again.

I was having this exact same issue, does anyone know if it was ever resolved?

Are you sure no other 3rd party data fields are installed that may run in background?

Yes. Its a bug on Garmin’s end. Before launching our player, switch to an activity profile (i.e. Race, Train, etc) that has NO connectIQ datafields installed. It should run perfectly without any freezing then.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Cheers

Just wanted to add my experience with this issue. I did install TyreWiz connectIQ field this week and have now had these freezing issues. The activity profile that is shown when I start Xert does not have the connectIQ field. Another activity profile does and I have removed that field and will test today and post my results after today’s ride.

Ya I’m aware of the work arounds, I was just curious if Garmin had fixed the bug yet. I had the same issue as stage, I literally had to delete every single Connect IQ field from every profile to get it to work which isn’t ideal.

No issues after removing the Connect IQ field from the activity profile.

Sorry to drag this old topic back up but it took me a long time to find it and hopefully it might help someone else too.

I was getting very consistent hanging of the Xert workout player on my Edge 820. Both Edge and Xert were fully updated. Turns out it was the presence of the TyreWiz Connect IQ data field. Choosing a different activity profile didn’t work, I had to remove the data field completely.