Edge 830, Workout player, Kicker - No communication with trainer

Ive linked up my trainer to my headunit using the “Training” section on the head unit
My headunit controls the trainer, when using the vanilla Garmin training functions
But – when I connect the Xert Workout player – No control!

There are some extra steps if your power meter is also paired.
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

If issue persists you can file a support request with support@xertonline.com.

Nope - no PM paired just plain ol’kicker

Be sure to follow Option A instructions. If you had connected it to the app in the app’s Trainer menu, you will need to remove it. You should only connect it to the app if you plan on using Powermatch (Option C).

Also, if you connect another app to it (like Zwift) while the app is running, you may not get trainer control.