Edge 830 Datafields, Breaktrough


since the last few days I ride a steep climb and watch the MPA/Power Datafield on my Garmin 830.
At the last 20meters I get a Breaktrough like MPA 250 / Power350 and so on. 3 times the last days.
But on xertonline in the Activity the MPA shows around 600 and no BT… What´s going on?
In the last weeks i had no difference between the Datafield and the Activity on Xert.


sry for my poor english^^

Make sure that your fitness signature stored on the Garmin is up to date.
Try resetting your Xert username and password in Garmin Connect on your phone.
Otherwise, this applies –
My Garmin said I had a breakthrough but when I uploaded, it wasn’t there. What happened? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)