Edge 520 and power

I did my first Xert workout using my Edge 520 running the Xert Connect Iq app to control my Wahoo Kickr. While the app properly controlled power, my Edge did not record any actual power data. I saw a post on this topic further down, so I think it has to do with the fact that I had my Kickr connected to the Xert Iq app rather than connected as a Garmin sensor. Is that correct? Is it also true that I can’t use just the Connect Iq app to control power and record power from my Kickr?
A few follow-up questions: is there a good way to recover that data and get it entered into Xert? Because I have the “Trainer Power” field, it is quite clear what I actually did.
Second, if I don’t have a separate power meter on the bike, what is the right way to do a Xert workout where the power is controlled and recorded?

Hi Trevor, if you only have a trainer, configure it as a Garmin sensor and all your data will be recorded correctly. Unfortunately, there’s no way on the system to “recover” power data. You can try using the export CSV feature on the Activity Details chart.

Thanks, Armando. And do I have it correctly that if I do that, I can’t also use the app to control the power? So my options are either to record the power or control it, but not both?

The app will control the trainer without issue just as before.

I was the one who asked the original question. It is now working perfectly as Armando says above. Armando, I think you need to make this clearer in docs. Disabling your trainer as a Garmin sensor and pairing it with the Xert Connect IQ app is ONLY needed if you also have a separate power meter and want to use that power meter’s numbers to control the trainer instead of the power reported by the trainer.

Also if you have a Wahoo kickr or kickr snap, they have a setting in their phone app to pair an external power meter directly with the trainer and control it with power numbers from the power meter. Basically it is doing power match directly in the trainer instead of via xert or whatever training platform you’re using. I’m about to get a power meter soon hopefully so that sounds like a cleaner setup to me. Cheers.

Thanks to all. I tried it tonight and it worked perfectly.