Edge 30 interferes with Xert EBC running on Android


I’m new to Xert and indoor trainers in general.

I run Xert EBC on my android phone, and use a Tacx Flux 2, a HR monitor and cadence sensor.

I’m trying to figure out how to correctly have my workouts show in my Garmin Connect.

If I try to download the workout and import it into Garmin Connect, it doesn’t correctly reflect the intensity minutes. Essentially it doesn’t give me any credit for the workout.

So I tried to connect my Garmin Edge 530 to the trainer after I had started the workout on my phone so I could record the ride that way. However, when I connect the Edge, Xert struggles to control the trainer. In other words the trainer doesn’t force the watts Xert wants me to be at. Instead I have to manually hunt and try and get close to the target (usually have to spin way too fast, in my hardest gear to get close). If I turn the Edge off again, everything goes back to normal. I have the Edge set on “indoor” and just hit the start button to start recording. (i. e. I don’t have it set on any training or set wattage, etc)

What am I doing wrong here? How do I just use the Edge to record the Xert workout, and not have it trying to control the trainer?

Hi @Varathro ,

Welcome to Xert! It sounds like your trainer might be paired to both the EBC app and your Garmin at the same time, so the resistance won’t make much sense because it’s trying to do both at the same time.

Try making sure that your trainer is not paired in your Garmin’s sensor menu (or the indoor trainer menu). That way, Xert EBC will have full control over your trainer for the workout.

You can pair the power data output of a Tacx trainer in a Garmin device separately from the trainer control. So you can have power data in EBC via BLE and in Garmin via ANT+ without problems. You just need to make sure the Garmin is not connected to the trainer control so they don’t fight. My Garmin watch unfortunately likes to ask me every time if it should connect the trainer, kinda annoying, it feels like I’ve told it ‘no’ a thousand times already :wink:

You’re right, the trainer is paired with both the Garmin Edge, and Xert on my Andoid.
How would I record the ride on my Edge without pairing it to the trainer?
Ultimately I just want the Edge to record what I’m doing on Xert.