Edge 130 plus

Hey i have been looking here for info about Edge 130 plus and xert workouts but have not find any info on it, the thing is i did get the 130 plus in hope to do some workouts outside , but from what i can see 130 plus is not supported but 130 is.

So question is will the 130 plus get support to use xert workout at some point i hope ?

I guess i should have done my reserch better before getting it :slight_smile: but i still hope the support will come for it as the 130 have it .

Grettings Thomas

We haven’t had a chance to test it here. Note that the Edge 130 did not support CIQ apps such as our Workout Player. The Plus may also be the same.

Ahh ok did not know that , but it did say that the 130 was one of the devices that was supported of the player or some kind of program from you don´t know if it is the player or not , might be some other program and not the workout player.

I should have gone with the 530 that one do work i think , i did have the 520 but it did die on me a year back ohh well life goes on , thanks for the reply.

or just get a cheap android phone (or maybe you already one availabe) and use the new app :wink: