EDGE 1040 Xert app Screenshot


I’m planing to buy a Garmin Edge 1040. Can someone please share a screenshot of the actual layout/visual of the Xert app. I’m asking this since I’m currently using the Xert IOs App indoors and I find the Xert Gauge absolutely fantastic, I would love to see the same visual of the MPA/Gauge.

Would I be able to add the MPA/Gauge on the screen of the attached display examples?
Capture 1
Capture 2

PS: Yesterday I did two sprints at 20% incline under a continous 12-18% ride on the Rouvy Vuelta 2022 race. Xert MPA and Gauge were absolutely on the spot and essential during those sprints (which made me gain 200 m distance against some opponents). Aboslutely phenomenal. tks Xert.

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You won’t see the rainbow gauge on Garmin, but there are two scenarios for monitoring MPA.

  1. Run the Xert Workout Player on the Garmin to control the trainer indoors or freeform during a SIM. Or outdoors to monitor a freeform activity or play a workout at any time during your ride.
    Reference –
    Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

  2. Install two Xert Connect IQ data fields (MPA/Power and TTE/TTR) for indoor or outdoor use.
    Here’s a video from a coach who uses Xert with his clients that demonstrates how the data fields can be used. Note the video shows the original version of MPA/Power field with old color scheme (green, blue, black, yellow, red, purple)
    Xert Training Apps with Coach Richard Wharton - YouTube
    The current release matches the rainbow gauge colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple).
    Reference –
    MPA and Power - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ
    Time to Exhaustion - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ

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Thank you fo rth erpely.

I currnetly have the data fileds running on my Fenix 7x so method two is already known. I will need to try method one… or keep using the IOs app.


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