Edge 1000 and Xert Workout Player not controlling Kickr

Hello Everybody,
I am new with Xert and I just started my first Xert Workout using Edge 1000 with Xert Workout Player, Wahoo Kickr (1. Gen) with Firmware v1.5.68 (newest) and P1-Pedals and Tickr-X for HR. Xert Workout Player Settings: Powermatch enabled, Remote Player Enabled, everything else not enabled.

Everything seems to be working fine (get power, cadence and HR readings on my Edge and data on the Xert remote Player), EXCEPT the Garmin Edge 1000 is NOT controlling the Kickr. I have to shift gears to target the power values.

How do I get the Xert Workout Player + Edge 1000 to control the resistance of my Kickr ?



Did you use SELECT the trainer? Be sure the trainer is not configured as a Garmin sensor (see our video).

Thanks, deleted trainer from Garmin sensor, then it worked.

UPDATE: Garmin now stores trainers under Training > Indoor Trainer. It needs to be removed from there for it to work in the workout player.

That is only the case if you’re using a separate, dedicated power meter. If your trainer is also your power source, it works fine to leave your trainer paired in the Indoor Trainer menu.

Hmm, strange, in my case it didn’t. I have a Tacx Flux S and resistance wasn’t being controlled until I removed the trainer from the Garmin.

I might do what you said and use my stages power meter to read the power. Will said trainer adjust resistance that way? Today I don’t think it was at all accurate.