EBC Phone App inaccuracy

Hi, it looks like I am getting some accuracy issues using the EBC App for iPhone.
It appears that the distance/speed is being exaggerated compared to a couple of other sources.

I have conducted several test over the same route using Garmin, Cyclemeter and Xert EBC iPhone App using the same Power meter - Quark Spider.
I used “Speed from GPS” for all Xert tests.

Garmin and Cyclemeter (iPhone App) concur. Xert does not.

Ride 1
Xert Time - 1:21:04
Garmin Edge 530 Time - 1:19:50

Xert Distance - 41.12
Garmin Edge 530 Distance - 37.1

Xert Speed - 30.5
Garmin Edge 530 Speed - 27.88

Ride 2
Cyclemeter Time - 1:22:42
Garmin Edge 530 Time - 1:21:44

Cyclemeter Distance - 37.52
Garmin Edge 530 Distance - 37.2

Cyclemeter Speed - 27.22
Garmin Edge 530 Speed - 27.28

On a longer ride of 70km (Garmin) the Xert result is 80km

Has any one else had a similar experience?
Is there a configuration I am missing?

Does anyone have comparisons with the Android EBC App and Garmin for instance?
I was thinking about getting a small Android device to run EBC Android. However I am loath to do so if it were to have similar issues.

I use EBC Android exclusively for all rides, indoors and outdoors, and I don’t see any significant differences between Xert reported distances and Strava which validates the FIT file distance during uploads.
I haven’t tested iOS GPS tracks but you can do that on Xert by selecting View on Strava under the outdoor ride’s details then compare the two numbers.
If significantly different, select Correct Distance under the three-dot menu on Strava and see how much that changes the distance reported in the FIT file.
If I test that option on my EBC Android uploads the results are within a decimal point or two.

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