EBC Android not working with Technogym Skillrow (Bluetooth)

EBC Android app sees and connects to the Technogym Skillrow Rowers at the gym via Bluetooth (see screenshot) but it doesn’t read/show any values at any time. I tried the same with Kinomap and some other app from the Play store and there it worked just fine.

Since other Technogym gear such as the Skillbike and HR monitor work fine with EBC, and the Skillrower works fine with other apps, there has to be some specific issue with the combination of the EBC android app and the Technogym rower. Via Strava the Kinomap rowing activity was also imported to Xert, however it would be much preferred to use EBC for workouts and get the readings there directly.

Hi @Danros

Kindly send a note to our support team so we can look into it there! Generally best to contact us directly there for technical issues like this :slight_smile:


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So I got myself a Concept2 rower and with big dismay find that Xert EBC Android doesn’t work with this one either, neither BT nor Ant+. Just like the Skillrow it shows up in the list but doesn’t connect or show any readings. Sure, recording with any other app and after the fact importing/syncing to Xert works perfectly well, but I was really hoping to use the live readout of MPA and smart workouts in the EBC app for rowing. I did send an email support request as you suggested but heard nothing back (yet).