EBC Android Issues

I have started using the Android EBC app.
I am not seeing the Cadence or Heart Rate indicators or the forward and back arrows. I only have the background colour in these areas of the screen. According to the help they should be visible - see attached snapshot from the help.

Current release ( shows a settings icon in upper left and BPM in upper right.

You can swipe left on top to view power chart and swipe left on bottom to change to data fields view such as Cadence, HR, Difficulty, XSS, etc.
Forward/Back buttons are shown with any workout other than a scheduled Session with a fixed Start time.
For on demand workouts use Play Now from the Training page to select your workouts on XO and that workout will be shown at the top of list on EBC.
Best place to view RPM is the Cadence Optimizer gauge on the Session Player.

I can see all the settings I need.
Have you looked in the settings?
The gear icon.

Thanks for the help guys. I do structured workouts outdoors. So I select a workout and start. Version is (290) on a Blackview N6000 mobile phone.

I have configured the bottom panels to include the metrics I want.

There is a tiny dot in the centre of the back and forward buttons presumably the chevrons one pixel high (functionally they work).

When I connect my sensors - HR, Power and Cadence From Power, I see the Heart Rate in the top right. No cadence, as RidgeRider2 says should not appear in the current version.

So, the chevrons to solve - a bug?
I also see a glitch sometimes when all of the content in the bottom panel just disappears. I can’t even flick through the different content. I presume this is a bug.
Is there anyway to force a refresh of the contents?

Thanks for your help.

Try turning off Bold text.
If that does not resolve the issue adjust Display or Font size.

Thanks for the tips. I am new to Android. I can now see all the icons/text.
The chevrons are still minuscule but they work.

Perhaps you can help with (hopefully my
During my ride I swiped from the right to flick through the panels to see my xss.
The attached screen appeared. I don’t want to start a new workout or stop the current workout. There seems to be no way to return to my current workout.
Power/gps doesn’t seem to continue to be recorded. The phone goes to sleep after some time.

I had this issue previously - I think I pressed Start and a new workout was started.

That screen does indicate that no workout is currently running and the screen will timeout if you don’t start one or return to rainbow gauge.
The screen only stays active when rainbow gauge or map is shown or a workout is running.
Swipe up gets you to prior screen which should show Stop/Continue if a workout is running.
If running a workout in the middle of a ride you would select Stop when done, End Workout, then Continue to return to rainbow gauge with speed, etc is shown.

What was the goal for this particular ride/workout?
If LIT endurance there isn’t really a need to load and run a workout. The rainbow gauge alone can be used to keep watts in blue plus you can monitor Focus (go slow to keep number above 20:00). Ride untill you reach XSS goal for the day or thereabouts.

Looks like there is a bug then. I was in the middle of my workout so this screen should not be made available without some previous input to indicate I wanted to stop. I didn’t stop the workout, so how would it have become ‘Stopped’?

If somehow my workout was no longer current (running) why would there be a Stop button? There is no indication of what I would be stopping. Activity or Workout? In fact I am not even clear what the difference is between these two.

Is there an intended swipe from the right gesture that automatically takes you to this screen?

All I did was swipe from the right to try to scroll through the metrics. It gave me no opportunity to cancel/go back/resume before this screen appeared.

I will try to swipe up the next time to see if I can return to the current workout with the rainbow. But I have the feeling there will be no way to get out of this screen without stopping my workout.

I am using this workout for climbs. There is quite a long approach and I don’t know exactly when I will reach the climbs so I just set a constant Power (hopefully it will be my average power for my event - The Tour de Brisbane.
The forecast ride had 215 xss with some high xss (I can’t remember. I don’t think you can see once the workout is complete?) The climbs would hopefully give me enough high xss. But the app spat the dummy as I have described.

In any case there was no suitable workout suggested and I am doing this route every week to build up for the event in mid April. Hopefully getting up the hills more quickly!

Thanks again for your help.

There is always a Stop option available when you swipe up during an outdoor ride or while executing a workout. You can even stop a workout before finishing it and select another.
If the < back icon is enabled on Android that will also return to prior screen displaying Stop/Start or Stop/Continue depending on circumstances.
Sweat or rain is your enemy when it comes to using a phone as a head unit. A single drop or two can cause weird things to happen since drop suppression isn’t a feature on phones like head unit touchscreens work.

I suggest you experiment with EBC with your phone in your hand and pretend you are starting a ride, switching to a workout, stopping it, continuing, etc. You can always discard the experiment without saving any data.

Tapping on the forecast circle will display the original forecast versus your completed score.


Are you reading the Training Advice for the day as shown on the Training page?
That will provide a Target Interval Power you can use as a reference to free ride a route and perform irregular intervals instead of trying to follow a defined workout.

How does Xert quantify the route you are riding every week in terms of Difficulty, Specificity, and Focus? For example, Easy Polar Endurance or Moderate Mixed Climber Ride.

Thanks again for holding my hand on this.
I had a bit of a brain freeze on the Forecast XSS being available. My excuse after over 3 hours in the hot sun🥵

I have confirmed that there is a left swipe gesture (starting from too far right) that is ‘interfering’ with the left swipe to flick through the metrics). That big swipe takes me to the Stop Start screen. If I press continue, resumes the workout.

In Android, is there a way to stop this gesture?
Otherwise I would suggest a modification to the App to disallow it.

I am following an AI plan, except for the day I do this route. I essentially put the advice secondary to following the route/climb. I will have to climb this hill after 100km of riding in reality, so in a way it doesn’t matter what the Target Interval Power is. It’s as much as I can muster until I get to the top. I climb multiple times if there is more high xxs suggested. On that one day per week I’m kind of simulating part of the event. I guess it’s a bit unorthodox. But hey look at what Pogačar did😏

Many thanks