E-bike and Xert

I track my workouts on my road bike in Xert, but I also have an e-bike I use for commuting and errands (rather than getting in the car). Some of these e-bike rides end up being quite long (I was on it for 2.5 hours yesterday in total), and I’d like to account for the work in Xert because it’s typically a decent endurance workout.

My specific question: if I have HR power estimation enabled, will Xert ignore the inflated speeds and just estimate effort based on HR?

Same situation here although our e-bike is only used for errands.
Hadn’t thought about wearing my HRM and recording the activity on EBC, but technically what you describe should work.
HR data would indicate strain accumulated regardless of motor assistance.
If no power data for the activity and HRDM is enabled, estimated XSS/etc. should be close.
One caveat would be if the Xert algorithm is relying on patterns of HR that aren’t evident on e-bike rides.
The other issue is how the activity is recorded. You mentioned 2.5 hours in total but how many separate activities was that? If spread out and recorded as one activity (darn auto-pause :wink: ) I’m not sure how that may affect calculations. Start/Stop/Save may be required for best results.

Also it uses cadence in the algorithm. I suspect but don’t know that cadence might be different on an e-bike and a road bike. You could always pick up a left sided crank PM and put it on if you do a lot of e-biking.

As @carytb notes cadence data is suggested for best results but in this case I don’t think you’ll want that. I think cadence will skew the results as compared against your regular bike data.
Not sure how much e-bikes differ between brands, but ours uses torque to determine when and how much pedal assist you receive. There is a sweet spot :wink: depending on the gear you are in. Ours is a 3-speed and rpm is much lower than riding my road bike. OTOH you can fly up most hills sitting comfortably. :smiley:
I’ll have to experiment (without cadence) and see what the numbers look like.

Thanks for the comments! I already do start / stop / save. My commute is 18 miles round trip / about 70 minutes each day, and I’m in my low aerobic zone whenever I use it (I have to pedal to go… it doesn’t have an independent throttle), so it’s a great way to get my long slow distance done in the hilly area where I live, and make my road bike time a little more exciting.

I assumed I couldn’t have an actual power meter since it is a mid-drive and I have to have platform pedals for how I use it, but maybe there’s a crank-arm that would fit.

The bike actually does report power from the torque sensor via bluetooth, but it is very far from accurate. Before I used Xert I used to log it and it would drive Garmin’s fitness metrics crazy when I switched bikes; it seems to report more power than I actually put out. I would consider doing the multiple Xert account thing, but I’m already doing that for running and copying workouts between three accounts would be far too much.

My cadence on the ebike is about 83 most of the time (that’s where I hit the governor), and I’m closer to 90 on my road bike, but hopefully that’s not a huge difference. Just trying to get some of the work accounted for so I don’t over-train. But I can get a cadence report from the bike… I’ll turn it on and see how it changes things.