Dwars door Vlaanderen 2022

A few weeks ago, we shared data from MVDP at MSR. Well, today he stormed back at Dwars door Vlaanderen. Notice that his estimated signature is a bit higher than what we has extracted from efforts at MSR.

I always find it amazing not only to see pro rider’s signatures, but how they’re able to execute to their full potential when it matters most.

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We don’t have all their training data - just some of their performances uploaded to Strava.

At MSR, we estimated MVDP’s signature at 1551 W PP | 34.3 kJ HIE | 420 W TP

From that activity, it would be a gold breakthrough with +~100 W PP, +5.9 kJ HIE, +16W TP :boom:

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585 XSS at a 6:00 focus and a max difficulty of 186 - that’s an incredible effort. Chapeau MVDP!


Tadej’s breakthrough after the finish line…haha

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So does that make his signature roughly 1850 W PP | 40.3 kJ HIE | 440 W TP ? Regardless, he is an impressive rider and it was a fun race to watch!