Duplicated Activity automatically deleted

Hi All,

Yesterday I notice for the first time the following notification in Xert “activity log”.

This is a really cool feature that I was wishing for long time. - I always double record my workouts.

The only comment I have is that it doesn’t let you choose which activity to delete.

User case: I’m having probs with one of my devices and I use the records to try to fish out the prob.
Also sometimes different devices recorded different set of data.
The deleted activity is actually my benchmark.

Is there anyway to disable this feature temporarily? Ideally it would just highlight (orange?) the duplicated in the feed and ignore it.


You sure it is being deleted?
Isn’t is a matter of which file arrives first and the warning is for subsequent attempts to process a file with same date/time?

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If you click on the notification, you can download the FIT file that was flagged as a duplicate if it’s not coming from Strava. (We will be updating the notification to indicate that).

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Thank you both.

It’s not showing on my feed and the missing activity was recorded on my phone using Xert EBC. As you mention deleted might not be the correct word. Ignored might be a better fit.

Yes correct, I noticed this.
I tried to re-upload but the end result was the same.

I think a bit of human intervention would be good, again, we might have a set of data that is inferior.

Just because Christmas is coming and and I still believe in :santa:… really really cool would be now that Xert knows which activities are duplicated, the option to compare activities would be great. Admittedly slightly outside of Xert scope but comparing different power meters, usual loops (not the same activity)… you named.


Use @dcrainmaker’s Analyzer tool for this. It is much better at compariing and analyzing rides from two power meters side by side. We use it too when we want to investigate some of the subtle differences between them.