Duplicate workouts?

Hi, xert newbie here. After importing my data, adviser showed my status as blue and that I was behind on my goal. It recommended I do the highway star workout. I started the zert player on my edge 520, and off I went. The end of the workout left me a long way from home, and it took me a little over an hour to get back @~80%ftp. A few hours after I came home, I tooled around on the bike for ~30 minutes at very slow speed. Now adviser tells me I am very tired and need to do nothing more than recovery rides (I don’t feel very tired)
My garmin connect shows both rides (long highway star, and short tooling around), labeled as cycling. Strava shows both rides as well, but the workout ride is shown as “Highway Star -Xert” and has a bunch of nifty graphs from xert. So far so good.
The Xert dashboard and planner show both the long and short ride twice. The long ride is shown as Highway Star - Xert @8:53am (when it started) and also Highway Star@2:53pm (when I was not riding) The stats for the two are slightly different. Time is 2 seconds off on ~3hrs. The one on correct time sho ws no altitude gain, the other shows 1626 feet. XSS is 228/227. Strain is 523/521. Slight differences.
Its a similar story with the other ride.
Also, the rides done on xert player don’t show gps data on any of the platforms (don’t care about that too much)
I can’t find any place on xert to get my totals for the day, so I can’t tell if the ride is just being displayed twice, or if its getting counted twice. I’d really like to know if its getting double counted toward the very tired state I’m being put in. I’ve considered deleting one of them, but that’s a move I can’t undo, so I wanted to be sure. The progress graph also looks strange on that day, showing two dots, and the graph going vertical.
Capture graph Capture table

Just noticed that I get activity count and total distance for the last 2 weeks. The only way to get those total is if the duplicate rides are being double counted. Deleting duplicates (the ones in the wrong time). Good news, I’ve gone from red to yellow. Bad news, I’m behind on my plan.

Check your account timezone and also check that you’re not getting data from two source (GC and Strava). If activities come in with different starting times, both will be kept.

You can enable GPS in the workout player. Click the SELECT button on the 520 and slide down to GPS OFF. Click that on turn it ON. (This also tells the system what timezone the activity occurred in.)

Thank you! I’d like to get data from GC (since garmin does the recording, and then automatically posts to strava), how do I make sure that Xert gets data from GC, posts to strava, but doesn’t get data from it?

Should be able to Just disable the automatic sync on the Strava Sync page.

Hi Armando,
some times Strava and Wahoo uploads are not duplicated and some times they are. Seems to be a newer issue.