Duplicate Activities when syncing from Garmin

For reference, here’s my current process.

  • Complete workout in Xert Android app
  • Download original file from Xert
  • Upload to Garmin (Garmin’s my source of truth for training)
  • Xert is sync’d to Garmin, so re-imports the ride and I have a duplicate I now need to delete.

For a long time, Xert used to correctly de-dupe this issue for me but several months ago it stopped doing so.
I’ve already been through the support doc, and it makes no difference for me - both Xert and Garmin are set to GMT/UTC London +00:00 - and when i get a duplicate they always say the same time. I’ve tried multiple combinations of timezones too just to be sure.

Does anyone else have the same problems? and got any recommendations?