Duplicate Activities when syncing from Garmin

For reference, here’s my current process.

  • Complete workout in Xert Android app
  • Download original file from Xert
  • Upload to Garmin (Garmin’s my source of truth for training)
  • Xert is sync’d to Garmin, so re-imports the ride and I have a duplicate I now need to delete.

For a long time, Xert used to correctly de-dupe this issue for me but several months ago it stopped doing so.
I’ve already been through the support doc, and it makes no difference for me - both Xert and Garmin are set to GMT/UTC London +00:00 - and when i get a duplicate they always say the same time. I’ve tried multiple combinations of timezones too just to be sure.

Does anyone else have the same problems? and got any recommendations?

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I am experiencing the same issue. Sometimes I have triplicate. I spent a good two hours going back and deleting all the extras…That was NOT a fun process. Especially since the delete button does not work and I would have to go into the event and delete it manually.

Have you confirmed none of the issues outlined in the article linked above apply to your duplicates?

When you say delete an “event”, do you mean delete an activity from the Planner?
For that you would hover over the entry and select the trash can icon if viewing on a PC/laptop.
On a phone you can switch to desktop view and access the icon using tap and hold.
Or select Activities, Table from the menu, tick the entries you want to remove and select Delete to remove in batch.

Thank you so much for your instruction on how to delete the activity from the planner. I did EXACTLY that and sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. Very frustrating.

I have this exact same problem. My process:

  • Complete workout in Xert iOS app
  • Xert auto-syncs the file to Strava
  • Download original file from Xert (via desktop web app)
  • Upload to Garmin
  • Garmin sync’s to Strava and Xert
  • Delete the duplicate from Strava
  • Delete the duplicate from Xert

It’d be great if the Garmin > Xert duplicate was caught and discarded. Interestingly, the only way I can discern the Xert-original activity from the Garmin-synced version is that after I rename the file in Garmin with the " - Xert" suffix, that title syncs to Xert. The original doesn’t have the " - Xert" suffix, so I know to delete the one that does.