'Dumb' trainer

G’day all

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’ve tried searching the forum without success.

Xert is obviously built to take advantage of power meters and ‘smart’ trainers. I can’t afford either atm but I am getting power (estimates) into the platform via Zwift.

As I understand it Zwift, uses ‘Zpower’(?) to make an estimate of your power output into the trainer by knowing the cadence and speed plus a ‘power curve’ for a recognised model of dumb trainer.

I understand that is is far from accurate but for an old bloke looking to slowly improve its been ‘good enough’.

I’m curious whether there are any plans for Xert itself to allow direct input in this manner?

I know I can export the Xert workouts into Zwift and that might also be good enough for the moment too :slight_smile: Just thinking ahead to a time when I might decide to drop Zwift…


Hi Wulf. Considering the big move towards smart trainers and power meters, it’s not something on our immediate plans. Glad though that you can still get benefit from Xert through using Zwift. Hadn’t considered this previously. :slight_smile:

Thanks Armondo. Keep up the great work Xert team!