Dropped Trainer Control and a Black Ribbon

Trainer control completely failed in the second set. I don’t know why. But rather than snap the bike in half and throw the trainer through the dry wall I decided to breathe, turn off trainer control, and keep going. The ride felt easy. I figure my TP signature is low. To make sure I hit the breakthrough I rode the last interval of the third set well above prescribed wattage and just ran the MPA completely over. When the ribbon popped up I held it for five to ten seconds to make sure it stuck.

It didn’t. There is no ribbon on the individual workout screen and the above report is generated from clicking on the speedometer next to the title.

[EDIT] I see now see the legend below the Planner calendar and that a black ribbon is a near breakthrough. I still do not understand why there is no report (I thought near breakthroughs generated a near breakthrough report). Nor do I understand why it was a near breakthrough when I held it for at least five seconds, if not longer. [/EDIT]

Also, any ideas on why trainer control failed? It wasn’t really working from the beginning. It was holding my wattage way to high and I stopped the ride several times, recalibrated everything, and restarted. It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth restart that trainer control started working properly, but then it died half way through the workout. The last set was done with trainer control off.


Looks like an HRM glitch about same time as trainer control was lost.
Ditto at the start of the workout.
All sensors using BLE?
Could be interference/contention issue. Example, Zwift or another app was running nearby.
BLE connections can be distant which I discovered once when a laptop was running an app in a room a floor below where I train indoors.

Which app? (EBC Android, EBC iOS, or Connect IQ Player?)
What trainer?
Which workout was this?

If any adjustment occurred from the Near BT, there will be a Previous button under the chart on the Advanced MPA tab.

Reference –
Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert

This is a really helpful observation. It does look like I lost all of my sensors there for a second. I’m not sure what could have interfered with it, but it sure looks that way. This happens with TrainerRoad sometimes, too. Every once in a while all of my sensors just die and then come back online. However, while it’s definitely frustrating when it happens, it doesn’t usually tank the whole workout. Usually the sensors come back (as they did here), power match re-engages, and everything resumes as normal. That didn’t happen this time. Even after the sensors came back online trainer control was acting up. I had to turn it off to complete the last set of intervals. I turned it back on for the cooldown and the wattage was about 40 watts higher than the target.

It’s also noteworthy that I had to restart the ride at least four times at the start because even though power match was working, it was holding my wattage way too high. I recalibrated everything and kept restarting the ride until it just finally worked. I was able to get the first set out of it, but then it died during the second set.

To answer your questions I am running Xert on the Connect IQ app and using a Stages crank arm to control my Cyclops Magnus trainer. All firmware is up to date and everything was calibrated (multiple times). The workout was Cheung’s Ronnestad interval workout.