Dropouts on Xert EBC / IOS


I’m using Xert EBC on an Iphone. I can see massive dropouts from speed, cadence and heartrate. I also see in the Xert app that the second change in the app’s time display also regularly misses seconds and the display often only changes every two seconds. I do not see any dropouts from power. Power, Cadence and speed come from Stages Bike, heartrate from a Garmin Fenix. I do not have those issues with training apps from other Brands.

At the same time, I drive on Rouvy via AppleTV. There are no dropouts here.

It’s an Iphone 13 Pro with IOS 16.2.

Is there anything I can do?

I suggest you first pair sensors and ride a workout with EBC only and ATV turned off.
Power Source = Stages
Trainer Control = Stages
HR = Fenix
Cadence = Stages
Speed = From Power
Does that work as expected?
If you have a PC, laptop, or tablet you can also test the Session Player at same time.