Download Model Data?

Hi XERT Guys –

Is it possible to download some (all) of the model data? I am particularly interested in FORM and MPA.

Perhaps just a winter weekend passing thought but I was wondering if there were physiological measurements that would correspond. It occurred to me that the closest I have that I have access to are HRV (from an iPhone App – HRV4Training) and SMO2 (from a BSX Insight).

Perhaps HRV is approximately Accumulated Stress which is approximately the inverse of FORM. And perhaps SM02 would track MPA as it represents a physiological measure of the amount effort that one is putting out –

However this could be naive. But if not I think I am curious enough to try a N of 1 experiment. Right now it would have to be HRV and FORM – as I am following the suggested training plan and stay below my LTP in my WO.


Hi George. You can export low/high/peak/total strain data from Table View page. (You could also export XSS and use the same ratios if you wish). You can then run an EWMA algorithm to create your own XPMC and establish TL, RL and thus Form.

You can also export your activity data from Activity Details page as well.

Sounds fun. Good luck.

OK cool, thanks! I’ll let you know if I make any progress