Download button on the Activity list

One of biggest bug-bears with the Xert web interface, is that it’s really cumbersome to go and download the activity data for several rides.
Since Xert wont auto-push an activity to Garmin, I have to download the file manually and upload it to Garmin. I get that Garmin charge $$$ for that privilege, so I don’t really mind the manual process.

But… could I request a download button on the Activities view?! or in the Activities table? rather than having to open up every single recorded activity first in a whole new tab, then finding the download button, then clicking the subsequent “Are you sure?” then clicking the “Okay” confirmation button from Chrome. Then closing down each of those extra tabs.

It’s first world problems, I know. But would make it far less annoying to just have the download button on the activity list where there’s already a delete button etc. I got so irritated by it I even bothered to make a TamperMonkey script to add it in, but the recent layout changes have broken that and I’ve not had time to fix it.
for example:

Can you talk me through this process, I also wish to get my xert activities onto garmin connect.

not that this deals with your specific problem, but I tend to simply record the activity on my garmin and upload that to connect automatically, which then syncs with XERT. I run the EBC on Android and simply stop it and when I know that the Garmin has been saved I delete that file on the EBC. It is a backup plan and works for me. XERt it seems is not designed to push out workout results… something they should consider if the EBC is meant to be a means of recording an activity.

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@stuyd - sure

  • Complete the workout in Xert
  • Switch to the Activities view
  • Select relevant activity
  • In the new tab, there’ll be a Download button in the top right somewhere:
    Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 12.52.31
  • Click Download and then Yes

That will give you a .fit file that you can upload to Garmin Connect at

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Thank you, It’s on the garmin end that I can’t find upload.

Can it be done on GC app, or does it require desktop.

Shame this can’t be done automatically.

Thank you. But running xert over phone app and also a head unit just seems like a faff. Surely there is an easier way.

Last I checked, you couldn’t do it via the Garmin App - happy to be corrected there though.
The Garmin Connect web interface has an upload button in the top right:

Hope that helps.
I agree that recording it through my actual garmin device sounds more complicated than what I’m already doing.

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yes I agree it is a faff… and why I think they should have an option to upload to other platforms.