dont believe my numbers

2 weeks into free trial and the ‘My fitness’ rankings suggest my 2 hour power is 316 watts and infinate power 258 watts. I can do a 20 min ftp test at around 316 watts however my max one hour power ever was around 290 watts. I hover around 4 watts per kilo. Have I imported something wrong? I just linked it up to Strava.

Mike, you had one activity where you had a brief spike during a difficult climb. This may have been due to a temperature compensation issue or just an anomaly. Outside of this momentary issue, all your data looks pretty solid (very nice progression!!!). I’ve went ahead and adjusted this one activity’s signature to the values from the previous activity and all looks normal now. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for looking at it and I think the threshold is now more realistic at 297 watts but my 2 hour power - I’d have no chance of holding that at 299 watts - I could probably just about manage that for an hour on the right day.

1-hour and 2-hour power values are just comparatives at the moment, i.e. not real targets per-se. We’ll be introducing some new features that will better pinpoint wattages over longer durations.

ok great