Does Xert ้have dynamic training wowrkout that focus on Target Heart Rate Zoom?

I want to practice base on my Heart Rate Zone 2 for 80% of of total time, and on Zone 4 for 20%
Does Xert have these kind of workouts ?

Moreover, it will very excellent, if my smart trainer can automatically adapt difficulty level, when I increase/decrease cadence, or do anything that effect my heart rate.

Hi @surasak ,

No, Xert does not have workouts that adjust intensity based on your HR. I actually don’t believe this feature is available anywhere - maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s possible to free-ride indoors with Xert EBC and set the trainer mode to SLOPE… manually set the slope to 1.0-1.5% and use your gears/cadence to adjust your intensity up/down on the fly while riding to an HR target.


AirHub has this feature.