Does Training Advisor ever recommend the most demanding workouts?

After 3 weeks of training in early December I took 5 days off completely due to holiday travel. My status was fresh. The advisor was recommending longer fairly low intensity endurance workouts. Experimenting with my Jan plan, by accepting the recommendation for each day and occasionally leaving multiple days blank in a row I don’t seem to ever get a high intensity workout recommendation such as the Seiler 4x8 or Cheung Ronnestad. Does it ever recommend a high intensity interval workout that might lead to a breakthrough? I understand…/are-your-workouts-too-hard, but it seems that if I just rely on the advisor, I never get the really hard workouts.

You can always use “Load More” button to choose form the list of workouts in priority order. Make note of your Athlete Type since the more difficult workouts also have a short Focus Duration (Puncheur, Pursuiter, for example) and if you have chosen a longer duration Athlete Type or are in the Base phase of your program, you may not get prescribed the more difficult workouts as frequently. Checkout the Load More button and pick a harder workout for your Training Status. This will boost your Training Load and increase the difficulty of the workouts that will be offered. Alternatively, you can slide the Freshness Feedback on the Fitness Planner to the right to get more difficult workouts.

I had selected Break away specialist (5 min focus). I’ll try going to Puncheur (4 min). Maybe there should be a way of selecting an overall strategy/philosophy such as ones based on the Seiler or Ronnestad studies. In the mean time I’ll manually pick the high intensity days and let the advisor fill in the rest. Thanks.