Does Segment Hunter give you PRs?

I used Segment Hunter for the first time today and I was expecting to get a PR on the segment but it didn’t happen. I’ve been reading the support stuff and I’m trying to get my head around the purpose of this app.
It’s not really about getting PR’s on Strava Segments is it but rather using the Segment to get a fitness Breakthrough? I’m still wondering how it would work for TTs.

If you set it up for a ‘breakthrough on the line’ it should be giving you your fastest possible time given current fitness (assuming you stay aero if it’s a TT, and the pacing strategy is not complicated eg with downhills and rests). Whether that’s a PR or not depends on how fit you are currently vs in the past (as well as the other usual conditions like wind).

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I’ve used it in TTs in the past. Personally I found it distracting, unless your TTs are on pancake flat courses with no wind your power will be quite variable. I gave up using it whilst racing, and went back to riding to feel with an occasional eye on power just to check myself.

Works quite well for training though, although I no longer use Strava so my experience is from a while back. So not sure if anything has changed.

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It might not necessarily get you the PR, but if you enter your goal time, the Xert Segment Hunter will try to guide you through the highest power you can manage for the selected duration (which adjusts in real-time as you progress through the segment).

Go with Scott has mentioned, that’s the best basic description of it.

Will it be a PR? That more depends on the goal time that you set up. And if its reasonably achievable.

Contrary to Sean’s comment, I have found the SH to be very useful for time trial pacing. And Strava Segments can be just a TT of whatever length.

For many years I used BestBikeSplit for my TT pacing. It was really neat to have the different power targets for uphill, downhill, and account for wind as well. But getting the best power for the target time was always tricky. That’s much easier with Segment Hunter. And maybe its from my time with using BBS, but it seems easy to adjust the power output as you go; slight uphill, push a bit harder, big downhill, back off a bit.