Do you use a JIRA (or similar) to allow users to track feature requests?


I wonder if you have a way for customers:

  • to raise features - this forum seems a little haphazard but maybe YMMV?
  • or at least see the features in the work queue and perhaps vote on them?

It might give a positive feedback experience to help your users know that changes are in the pipe and when to expect them.

Anyway, the JIRA thing is just a suggestion, I really like the thing you have going on with Xert. It seems to be evolving well and the data model underlying it really seems to match with one’s perceived exertion during a ride or workout when reviewing the data afterwards.

Top work - I hope you enjoy continued success!

Thank you Peter for your words of support. We’ve come a long way but there is a lot more we can do. Your suggestions will be very much welcomed. We’ll look into JIRA and see if it can help us the way you’re suggesting. We have a lot (I’m mean a lot) of things on our roadmap so perhaps having something like voting will be useful. Thanks again.

Hello, Armondo… Peter’s suggestion is a very good one. I’m kind of surprised you’re not using a work-tracking system such as JIRA. I use JIRA daily at work (I do software, too) and I can’t say it’s my favorite. If you’re going to do this (and you really should!), I recommend you also look into JetBrains’ YouTrack system. (I guess since I mentioned I use JIRA you’ll know I don’t work for JetBrains.) There are also free / open-source trackers, but I’m unaware of any that I could recommend. If you’ll be doing any open-source, you should use GitHub Enterprise for that.

I second Peter’s good wishes.

By the way, it’s good to see you didn’t opt for phpBB as your forum software!

Hi Guys, I think using JetBrains YouTrack or Jira would be good idea – like some of the others I’ve had some experience with this in my job (Jira in particular) and it can be quite helpful. I like JetBrains tools so I suspect they have particularly good solution.

Thanks George/Randall, we’ll look into your suggestions!

Hi – there is also software dedicated to interacting with users around features – for example which I have run into a few times. Jira is a very flexible software development management system built on a core of issue tracking and can manage various software development processes.