Do the math?

I’m starting to have some serious doubts about some of the math here. Last Thursday I biked 200 km flat and straight to another country, had a rest day, did a 185 km loop with 1200 meter elevation and next day returned with 200 km head wind. Xert had me ‘very tired’ when I arrived. Well, I could agree with that. Two (2!) hours later, though, I was ‘fresh’. Really? I could hardly move.
(Another example: vEveresting, 218 km distance with 9000 hm, rating: ‘2.5 - Moderate’. I wonder what’s considered a hard effort.)

The math is all based on your Training Load and Recovery Load using the time constants in your profile. If you feel that the recovery as calculated is underestimated, use the Freshness Feedback slider and move it left to better reflect your feelings of freshness. (“Very tired” is based on your Low TL and RL. If you have a large TL established, which means you’re riding very long hours, then by definition, you recover and do more training quite rapidly. It’s the only way mathematically to get to a higher TL. Makes sense?)

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