Do recovery rides add to tiredness?

I’m trying to understand if recovery rides will add to my tiredness (in Form), or if they will be treated as recovery and improve my freshness.
The reason I ask is because I have a 60 minute (2x30 mins) commute to/from work, I use this as an easy recovery ride but haven’t been logging it in Xert, I don’t use a power meter or computer. Should I start adding these easy rides into Xert (approx 4-5 hours per week), if so will it help Xert understand my actual training load and how much more I can do before being ‘very tired’… or will it just send my Form deeper in to a tired status?

You should absolutely enter these. Any cycling activity adds to both your training and recovery load demands. Follow the FAQ on adding activities where you didn’t have a power meter. 4-5 hours a week is more than some people train with so definitely count it.