Do I just trust the process?

Afternoon all.

I’ve come over from another platform and have used to track progress.

Currently I can commit to much more than 6-7hrs a week so have set my goals as continuous improvement, slow.

Looking at following my move to XERT my fitness is slowly declining and I’m constantly ‘fresh’ but my training load in xert is steady/slowly increasing.

Do I just need to learn to ignore whilst using xert or is something not quite right?

I’m assuming your threshold and HR details are consistent between the two(?), in which case it will depend on what kind of rides you do, or more specifically how your training differs pre vs post trading with Xert? What athlete type do you use / what focus are your rides generally? And what were you doing before staring with Xert (types of rides, ramp rates)?

As background, there are fairly big differences between XSS (Xert) and (proxy) TSS ( Some examples would be that TSS doesn’t consider the fatigue caused by riding above TP (drawing MPA down), and that alone can understate the training stimulus. So riding at 70% TP always generates the same TSS rate, while Xert recognizes how much harder it is after eg 30 seconds at 200% TP… and that holding 200% TP gets harder the longer you hold it. TSS also (in my view) doesn’t give enough credit for easy rides e.g. riding at 70% TP generates 49 TSS per hour vs maybe 65 in Xert (depending on signature)… so my sense is that Xert gives more credit for more polarised training approaches (more credit for HIT, less ‘penalty’ for gowing really easy)

As to which is more predictive of fitness I’m not sure as for me they tend to behave similarly, just at different levels… but I haven’t changed my training or done so much intensity recently…