Ditching Garmin Connect

I decided to try Xert because Garmin just can’t seem to get their act together. Metrics are not synced properly between devices and the online dashboards. The new Fenix 5, with its cool training metrics has trouble getting data from most power meters so it can’t actual generate those metrics and it has a lousy GPS receiver so for activities in cities your map plots show you meandering everywhere! A lot of us are trying to use Edge 520s (which work really well to gather data) but Garmin’s data flow model doesn’t allow you to set which device is primary for certain data. I’ve come to the conclusion I want to use the Fenix for walking, running, hiking, all-day heart rate and sleep but use the 520 for all my cycling data. I would like to have something auto-compute FTP, VO2 Max and certain other power metrics. Xert seems to do an excellent job at just about all of this (sometimes using different terminology) but I don’t see any analog to VO2 Max. I realize this is just a “potential” value but I like to review it. Is there anyway to extract the equivalent of VO2 Max from what you are doing?

We don’t attempt to apply Xert’s fitness signature, MPA, XSS and other new concepts towards physiological variables, although there are many analogues in exercise science that can be applied. VO2max can be estimated with a variety of methods but since there is no way to apply this in Xert, it’s isn’t useful directly. Xert integrates your physiological variables into your fitness signature which is the foundation in your ability to perform as it establishes your short-term fatigue response. VO2max is likely to be estimated by some formulation based on these 3 variables.

Thanks. I’m so frustrated by Garmin Connect. It’s holding onto a wrong VO2Max on its dashboard even though it has the data for the correct one… They are trying to do too much for too many devices and it’s messing everything up.