Distance too high even though speed appears correct

Can somebody point me in the right direction regarding the distance that is being reported for my workouts please as it is far too high.

As an example this mornings ride was 01:01:28, I’m using the Android app, a Wahoo Kickr & Tickr and some Assioma power pedals, so I have the settings in the Android app as:-

Kickr = Bluetooth - Enable Data: On Speed: On Trainer Control: On Powermatch: On
Assioma = Ant - Enable Data: On Power: On Torque: On Cadence: On
Tickr = Bluetooth - Enable Data: On Heart Rate: On
Tire Diameter = 622

For the Kickr itself within the Wahoo app I have set the wheel size to 700x28c and the reported speed looks to be correct, that is to say on a flat route in Zwift (Tempus Fugit) the reported speed in the Xert Android app matches what is seen in Zwift but I can see the reported distance in Xert app is much higher than what is seen in Zwift.

Once the workout is complete and saved and I look at the activity in Xert the max speed says 23.8 mph, average speed says 19.1 mph but the distance says 40.2 miles even though the duration is 01:01:28, surely the distance should be 19.56 miles?

When I then look at the activity in Strava things are different again, max speed says 57.9 mi/h, average speed is now showing as 39.2 mi/h and distance as 40.15 mi.

I realise speed and distance ridden on a turbo trainer is a little ambiguous but it would be nice if things were consistent at least and also it’s a bit annoying in regards to Strava as it now looks like I have ridden a lot more miles than I really have, so any ideas on what’s going on and what if any settings I can/should change would be much appreciated, thx.

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Do you have speed from power enabled?

These are the settings that work for me for my smart trainer, powermeter, speed from power and tickr…

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Hi oldcyclist65, thanks for replying.

I don’t have that option selected, I have the Speed option selected within the Kickr settings, I see under your Zumo settings you don’t have speed selected. I was under the impression the “Speed From Power” & “Speed From GPS” settings specifically related to outdoor rides, given the symbol to the left of them, couldn’t find any actual details though so that was merely my assumption.

So maybe that’s where I’ve got it wrong, certainly would be easy enough to test it so I’ll give that a go and report back :+1:

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You need to have speed from power enabled for indoor rides.

Not tested that setting yet but just out of interest I downloaded the .fit file for todays activity in Xert and uploaded it into Training Peaks and the average speed shows as 21.9 mph and the distance as 23 miles, so why does the distance show as 40.16 miles and the average as 19.1 mph in Xert when I view the activity?

You’d need to ask support that question.

We’ll look into it. Perhaps it’s reporting the distance in km, not miles.

As George mentioned above, the recommended setting for turbos indoors is Speed from Power. This will give the best results, since trainer speed will be governed by cadence/gearing when using ERG mode anyways.

I have also noticed the speed/distance discrepancies while on RGT rides. On mine the speeds are similar on flat sections but as the Slope % increases my RGT power /Cadence still match Xert (Android) but in addition the speed also drops. In Xert the power/cadence match but the speed does not drop significantly resulting in a larger distance. I suspect Xert does not take into account the effect of the slope and “maybe” It does not know that the change in power is because of a slope. (Just guessing).

Appreciated :+1:

Yes I did think about it being a km / miles thing, the 23 miles in km is close as 40 km = 24.85 miles so possible, I’ve changed the app settings just need to test it.

Yes you’re right Xert doesn’t know anything about the ups and downs you’re riding through in either Zwift or RGT because Xert app is controlling the trainer and you are merely transmitting power from power meter into Zwift/RGT to determine speed of your avatar in game, no connection between Zwift/RGT and Xert. That is why I chose the flattest course in Zwift (82ft gain) as that way the distance should come out pretty close but the difference (17 miles) is too much for the 82 ft to be responsible for it I would say.

I suggest you try Speed from Power only and disable Powermatch unless there really is a big difference between power readings on the Kickr versus Assioma.

I’ve just done a brief test, all settings the same as before except with Speed From Power now enabled and that looks much better, 1 mile as recorded by Xert app was showing as 1.3 miles in Zwift on Tempus Fugit which is more like the sort of difference I would expect to see, as noted earlier they will always be different.

So kudos to oldcyclist65 for directing me to the required setting :+1:

Xert people, any chance of some easier to find/clearer info on what the settings in the app do, maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t find an answer when I searched hence this thread :slight_smile:

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Glad to have been able to help.