Distance inaccuracy

On my Wahoo Kickr Smart bike, the indoor trainer, there is of course no wheels at all. :slight_smile: Surprisingly, the distance recorded by Xert is virtually double that shown via my Fenix 6X Pro when the data from my ride are shown in the Garmin app. While I can change the distance metric within Garmin to Xert, which I trust is accurate because it sure as dickens feels that way, none of the other Garmin stats reflect the change.

While all of you all probably know this already, Xert is a seriously competent application and data readout. I have Sufferfest and Zwift, and I’ll be saving myself about $35 a month when I cancel those. But, I digress.

Any thoughts on the distance issue, I’d be very grateful for,


Which Xert app are you using for the workouts?

Thank you for your contact. I’m in a pre-base protocol, moderate 2 plan with workouts every other day, at best, because of my practice schedule. I’ve selected workouts based upon the automatic recommendation shown in the daily planner with whatever specificity of training that shows up, e.g., Climber, Endurance, Roleur, etc. If I knew how to connect you to my workout page, I’d show that to you. Thanks in advance, Anthony

Do you have Speed from Power enabled in the Xert app?
It’s automatic for EBC on Android but Xert Mobile for Android (the older app) has a setting under Settings, Sensors.
I believe there is a similar setting on the iOS app.

on my app it appears that I have Speed from Power from the KICKR Bike via bluetooth to the output.

there is also an option for Speed from Power (Powermeter) also via Bluetooth, but that option is grayed out.

FWIW, I’m confident that Xert is accurate, first, because I want it to be so :), second, because it comports with body-felt experience. I’m 83 yoa, over 25 marathons, a half dozen ultras, 3 failed attempts at the Old Dominion 100 miler, back in the day, when there existed none of this fancy scientific stuff was available. My PR at 50 miles is 7:42.

Back in those days all I had to go on was my body feelings. and el cheapo Polar HR monitors from when they first came out. I’m so old I remember when and i had the very first, “waffle iron” Nike running shoes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: In any case, i’d ditch the Garmin display because of the inaccuracy that’s apparent to me, and just use Xert, unless there’s a way to make Garmin show what Xert is showing.

Thank you very much for your input.


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That’s a fast 50 mile ultra - respect sir. Sub 10min miles over 50 miles is fast.

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I do ignore all spead and distance when on a trainer, since it’s not moving and they are all estimates of whatever someone thinks the power might get you outdoors.
I have my Garmin recording device (a watch) set up to only connect to the power from my trainer (the bike I use indoors doesn’t have a power meter), the cadence from a cadence sensor on my (what’s the thing called that the pedals are attached to in English?) and my heart rate belt.
That’s the real data, everything else is guesswork :wink:
Just a thought…

Thank you, George. IIRC, the winner that year 1980 or 1981 (race was AMJA 50 mile) was young man from either WI or MN. He ran it in 5hrs. 50’ or thereabouts. In fairness, it was a perfectly flat course on the Chicago Lake Front, starting at a recreation center at its southern point, proceeding up past a yacht club and skeet shooting range, thence to a turn around at the top end for an exact 5 miles from the start, turn around, back to the start, and repeat. Aid stations every mile. First 30 or so were painful but not at all like the last 20, and good grief, from 40 to 48 almost impossibly so, Last two, however, adrenaline fueled as they were, felt like utter bliss. :slight_smile: Thanks for the compliment. :smile: anthony

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As my son pointed out, my 6X, while reporting miles, appears actually to be reporting km’s, at least close enough for government work. I like your emphasis on cadence, power and HR very much. Indeed as I look at the data on my iPhone, those are the only metrics I’m paying attention to in real-time… thanks for your reply , oh, I think you are referring to the crank arms? Take care,

Fantastic Anthony. :+1::+1::+1:

Or just ‘cranks’.

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